Mineral Supplements
for Drinking Water

Mineral supplements for water conditioning and enrichment

Mineral supplements produced under the Severyanka® trademark are intended to enhance the physiological adequacy of drinking water by enriching it with vital macro- and microelements

Обогащение воды кальцием и магнием Enrichment of water with calcium and magnesium

Optimization of calcium and magnesium concentrations eliminates the risk factor associated with regular consumption of "soft" drinking water and water treated by reverse osmosis.

Фторирование воды Water fluoridation

Drinking water fluoridation at the level of 0.6-1.2 mg/l is an indispensable, safe, and affordable method of preventing dental caries in different age groups.

Йодирование воды Water iodization

Supplementing drinking water with 40-60 µg/l of iodine is absolutely safe and compatible with other methods of iodine deficiency prevention.

Обогащение воды гидрокарбонатами Water enrichment with hydrogen carbonates

Addition of hydrogen carbonate (bicarbonate) ions to drinking water may be required in some cases to correct the hydrogen index (pH), to increase the alkalinity of water, and to improve its taste.

For non-alcoholic beverage industry

More than 60 modifications of mineral supplements to increase water mineralization, hardness and alkalinity, to enrich water with iodine, fluorine and other microelements. Supplements for producing premium quality drinking water, including water used in baby food production. Complex water remineralization after reverse osmosis purification allows to rebalance the physiological value of water and minimize the harmful effects of reverse osmosis.

Severyanka mineral supplements​​

  • The lowest prices from manufacturer
  • Average cost is 5-10 cents per 1 liter of bottled drinking water
  • Delivery by shipping companies to any region
  • Competent advice on drinking water quality
  • Long-term experience of working with dozens of non-alcoholic beverage industry enterprises

Additional information about water production

Production of premium quality water – one of the Eco-Project company’s activity areas is the manufacture of mineral supplements to be used in production of premium quality water. Our task is to provide drinking water manufacturers with quality ingredients that would allow them to make healthy, physiologically balanced products.

Production of drinking water for children – our products are successfully applied in the industrial production of water used for making baby food.

Reverse osmosis – our company offers mineral supplements that can successfully compensate macro- and microelements deficiency resulting from complete desalination of drinking water by reverse osmosis plants.

Water purification – a stage of water treatment prior to the application of our mineral supplements. Before enriching the water with vital elements, it is necessary to ensure the source water compliance with strict hygienic standards.

Remineralization of water – complete or partial remineralization of drinking water brings back the full physiological value to purified water.

Increasing hardness of water – our company offers calcium and magnesium salt-based mineral supplements to increase water hardness to an optimum level, which is relevant for both water after membrane treatment, and for soft natural water.

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